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cerec | one visit dentistry Why go to the dentist a second time if you don't have to? CEREC is a technology for restoring damaged teeth, and this restoration can be completed in a single visit to the doctor's office. It makes your teeth stronger and more beautiful, all while keeping your teeth looking natural.
Free whitening for life for new patients!
elite dental care | free whitening for life
invisalign | the clear alternative to braces Consider Invisalign to get the beautiful straight teeth you've always wanted — without braces. Invisalign uses a series of invisible, removable, and comfortable aligners that no one can tell you're wearing. A complimentary consultation can determine if Invisalign is right for you.

Dr. Chelsea Perry - Your Westborough Dentist at Elite Dental Care

We at Elite Dental Care of Westborough take great pride in our work and are always striving to give you high quality, excellent dental care. Our staff takes continuing education classes throughout the year to keep their skills sharp and to stay on top of the latest procedures and methodologies. We offer all dental treatments for your complete dental care right here in our Westborough office.

Dr. Chelsea Perry of Elite Dental Care in Westborough, MA is happy to provide everything from preventative dental care to advanced surgical procedures. 

All of these services are available in the comfort of our heated, leather massage chairs with access to television with noise cancelling headphones and a personal Sony 3D viewer so you can watch movies while relaxing in the chair.

These are just a few of the services and accommodations we offer at Elite Dental Care. Dr. Perry's mission is to build a long lasting relationship between her patients and staff by providing top quality, technologically advanced dental services for the whole family, in a happy, healthy and fun environment.

Dr. Chelsea Perry and the staff of Elite Dental Care in Westborough look forward to providing you and your family with elite dental care!

"I am very impressed with the all the amazing modern touches from the paperless registration on the ipad, to the digital xray and the comfy heated/vibrating chair. Dr. Perry and her staff are caring and professional as well as friendly."
— Anna B.
"Mine is a complicated case. Dr. Perry took a look and made recommendations that she knew would be difficult for me to hear. She was caring and professional. I chose to let her do the work and so far I am very happy with her skill and her staff."
— Janet S.
"I've had two visits and so far it is the best dental practice I've been with and this is my 6th across 4 states."
— Ryan C.
"Dr. Perry and her staff always make me feel comfortable, welcome and confident that I am getting the best dental experience. I stumbled upon Elite Dental Care through social media and decided to give it a try..."
— Heather M.
"I have been telling my relatives and friends about my great experiences at Elite Dental. I don't remember ever having dentist visits go so smoothly, I like the way the office looks and how the staff treats me. The other thing I like is how this dentist..."
— Kurt P.
"I am a true dental phobic but, I have had some prior bad experiences so, I come by it by experience. I am so glad I chose Elite Dental Care as my provider — I left my first filing appointment in many years actually skipping..."
— Nora O.
"Everyone in the office was courteous and professional. I had not seen a dentist in a few years but they were not judgmental and explained every phase of the care I was given."
— Douglas M.
"Moved 5 years ago, an hour away from my previous dentist. For 5 years I was scared to leave my dentist in fear he could not be replaced. Was I wrong!! I can't say enough about Elite. The dentist is fabulous..."
— Joanne B.
"The two times I have been here I received great service. Good location with parking, nice office space and great customer service. The last time the dentist was running 15 min late and they called me early enough so I was able to arrive accordingly."
— Thomaz D.
"Something did go wrong with my sealant, but they fixed it without a problem! They turn to a channel that I like when I go in for the appointment, and it's a very friendly atmosphere."
— Aria J.
"I was initially drawn in by the fantastic pricing for Invisalign, but also was in the need for some regular dental work as I had neglected visiting my old dentist for a while. The good doctor and her entire staff made me feel welcome..."
— Stephen G.
"I first found Elite Dental Care when searching for Invisalign. They were great from day 1, they even gave me a free teeth cleaning. I am currently halfway through my Invisalign process, about 6 months..."
— Drew D.