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Don’t let a bad tooth negatively affect your smile

While it may never be your (or your dentist’s) first choice, removing a tooth can be critical to ensuring your smile is restored to full health and stays healthy.

At Elite Dental Care located in Westborough, MA, we believe strongly in helping our patients keep their natural teeth when possible. But where there is severe decay, damage, or infection, or when wisdom teeth are causing overcrowding, a tooth extraction might be the best option to avoid further damage or pain.

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When is a tooth extraction necessary?

  • NWhen decay or damage has made the tooth impossible to restore
  • NBone loss has occurred because of an oral infection
  • NWisdom teeth are causing overcrowding and/or pain

Personalized tooth extraction appointments centered around you

We will recommend tooth extractions when wisdom teeth must be removed or when a tooth must be replaced. At your consultation, you and Dr. Perry will discuss what you’ve been experiencing, and after a comprehensive exam, you’ll work together on a treatment plan that meets your goals and will keep you healthy.

We’ll answer your questions and clearly lay out what you can expect from the treatment process so that you can make an informed decision.

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Tooth extractionsat Elite Dental Care


We’ll conduct an exam and take any necessary x-rays to make sure a tooth extraction truly is your best option.


At your extraction appointment, we’ll provide an anesthetic to ensure you won’t feel a thing.


We’ll allow time for your mouth to heal before beginning any additional treatment, such as a dental implant.


Patients may feel some discomfort in the days following a tooth extraction. We’ll provide strategies to manage and reduce any discomfort.

I have been going to Elite for several years and can’t say enough about Dr. Perry and her team. They have cutting edge practices and are always professional, friendly and caring. Highly recommend!

Lynn S.

Teeth extraction FAQ

How long does it take to recover from a tooth extraction?

You should plan on 2-3 days of rest after an extraction, as well as having a family member or friend give you a ride home if anesthesia was administered. We’ll provide aftercare directions to help aid in recovery.

Can I eat and drink after my extraction?

We ask that you only eat soft food and liquids for about 24 hours after an extraction. Avoid hard and sticky foods until you are fully healed.

Do tooth extractions hurt?

We will ensure you are completely numb and comfortable during the procedure. After the extraction, we may prescribe pain medications to help manage your pain.

Investing in your care

We proudly accept insurance and offer financing through CareCredit. We also accept most major credit cards.

For clients who do not currently have insurance, we offer our in-house savings plan. The Elite Wellness Plan includes preventive care such as cleanings and exams, and offers savings on cosmetic & restorative treatments.

All for just $349 a year.

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