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Reduce pain, release tension, and remove wrinkles 

Are you experiencing pain in your jaw or unexplained migraine headaches? For many, this pain stems from tension issues that are causing teeth grinding or clenching. 

At Elite Dental Care, we are a proud Botox and dermal filler provider. While this treatment is often viewed as purely cosmetic, the same characteristics that provide smoother and younger-looking skin can also lower the intensity of jaw pain and migraine headaches. 


Benefits of Botox?

Relief for TMJ & Migraines

  • NEases tension in neck, head, and jaw, reducing clenching and grinding
  • NNon-invasive treatment for TMJ disorder and migraines, reducing pain
  • NRemoves wrinkles and reduces signs of aging, leaving your skin smoother and younger-looking

Personalized botox and dermal filler appointments centered around you

When you come in for your dental Botox and dermal filler appointment, you and Dr. Perry will discuss goals for your treatment. We’ll explain the entire Botox and dermal filler process, set expectations, and leave time to answer your questions and concerns. Our goal is always to empower you to make the best decision possible for your health.​

botox and filler dentist at elite dental care in westborough MA

Botox & dermal fillers at Elite Dental Care


We’ll meet with you to determine if Botox and dermal fillers are a good fit for you and will achieve your desired results.


Botox and dermal filler treatment takes about 10 minutes from start to finish and is administered right in our Westborough dentist office.​


You’ll see and feel improvements in just a couple days.


Expect the effects of the treatment to last from 3-6 months.

Elite Dental Care is a special place — not only is the practice modern with all the advanced services and technologies you’d expect in the 21st century, but the staff is caring, incredibly smart and talented.

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Botox & dermal filler FAQ

Is Botox safe?

Botox has been shown to be completely safe for dental and aesthetic purposes. We do not recommend Botox for those who are pregnant.

Do I need to be prescribed Botox from my primary care physician?

You do not! We can prescribe and administer Botox here in our own dental studio. No other prescription is needed.

What is aftercare for dental Botox treatment?

Very little is needed once treatment is administered. In general, we recommend no physical exercise, tight headwear, lying down, or face rubbing for 4 hours after treatment.

Investing in your care

We proudly accept insurance and offer financing through CareCredit. We also accept most major credit cards.

For clients who do not currently have insurance, we offer our in-house savings plan. The Elite Wellness Plan includes preventive care such as cleanings and exams, and offers savings on cosmetic & restorative treatments.

All for just $349 a year.

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